Alexander Besant / 5-9-2006 2:06:55
Hello Nathan I sent this message to your email but I am not sure if it worked. I will post it here just to be sure:

Hello Nathan my name is Alexander Besant and I am a student from Canada. My Dad, David, took your tour in May and really enjoyed it. He also visited Vimy Ridge in France which is the Canadian cemetary. He mentioned to me that Vimy was very badly serviced in terms of transportation. He said your tour is something which is also needed at Vimy. This gave me a good idea. I was thinking about investigating the possibility of setting up a bus service from Arras for tourists who want to visit the cemetary at Vimy. There is no way for tourists to get to Vimy from Arras except by taxi which is very inefficient. This idea is in its nascent stages but I would like to try to make this reality. I was just wondering what you think of this and how you set up your business in Bruges. Thank you for any help you can offer and any tips you may have. Thanks! Alex

joe and barbara / 3-9-2006 18:20:32
September 3, 2006.
Thank you Nathan for giving us a wonderful tour of WWI battlefields and trenches. You are very knowledgeable and friendly. You really stimulated us to read more about WWI, such as Passhendale and Messina ridge. The museums are tastefully done. The lunch is excellent. Great job!2C12

Peter and Susan / 1-9-2006 17:39:28
Thank you Nathan for taking us to the Tyne Cot cemetery and the Menin Gate ceremony at Ypres on Wednesday evening 30th August 2006. You were an excellent guide with such an extensive knowledge of the Great War. You have inspired us to do some research of our own to find out more. Perhaps one day we will have opportunity to go on the daytour and meet you again. Kindest regards

Steven & Annie / 1-9-2006 14:55:07
Just arrived back in Scotland and wanted to thank Nathan for a very memorable tour around Flanders. Nathan provided a great deal of information and helped paint a remarkable picture for us of the fighting that took place and the sacrifice made by all that took part. Natan was a great guide and we would recommend him to anyone thinking of going around Flanders. Also many thanks Nathan for the souvenir you gave us. It is in a Glass cabinet so all my friends can view. Also hello to our Australian Friends who took the tour with us, hope you had a good trip back home.

Thanks for the tour Nathan

Steven & Annie

jane / 31-8-2006 12:40:42
Arrived back in N.Z.after 6 weeks traveling through Europe,have had a little bit of time to reflect on a great trip. Thinking back on the short time that I spent in Brugges, a few things came to mind.I enjoyed the best beer that I have ever had, some where down a little cobbled lane off the main square in an ancient little tavern. It was the house beer served with a toasted cheese sandwich. Very very nice. The next day I decided to cycle to Seebrugge for a swimm as the temperature was in the mid 30s. Went the wrong way,ended up in Ostende where I fell off the bike, landed on my face then turned around and raced all the way back to Brugges just in time to be picked up for the evening tour of Flanders. A big thank you to Nathan who did a fantastic job.I had left all the information about my four great uncles who had died there back at home. The evening tour is quite short but Nathan was very helpfull when it came to finding out where their memorials where.I have enjoyed telling my friends an family about my tour of the battle fields. Thanks once again. Ka kite ano Jane.
New Zealand.

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