Angie Curran / 24-3-2014 18:46:16
I cannot recommend this tour enough. It is a small group in a mini bus, which makes it much better than a large coach tour. Nathan was fascinating with his indepth knowledge, which he delivers with a passion not like a pre studied script. You visit war memorials of different nations, not just your country and various historical places of which he tells you about and what happened there. You are left to wander some of the sights at your pace so you can take it all in. The way the tour is done gives you much insight in to what happened. No matter how many books and films you have seen, this tour brings it alive and gives you so much more to think about. It was very friendly tour and i can’t thank Nathan enough for taking us round and being so lovely

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Nick Corbin / 21-3-2014 10:07:46
This tour is a must. We were picked up promptly at our hotel and driven out towards Ieper. During the drive Nathan effortlessly provided in depth background information on WW1, some of which I knew, much of which I didn’t. Throughout the day we visited both German and allied cemeteries, museums and various poignant locations. All the while Nathan provided constant commentary and imparted his in depth knowledge upon us. He clearly has a passion for the subject which is imbedded in his social history. His English is perfect, as I suspect is his French and German. We had pre arranged a special request to visit the gravely a family member. Nathan knew exactly where the cemetery was and helped to locate the grave itself. This of course was a very humbling experience, as was the rest of the day as a whole.

I cannot recommend this tour highly enough. It simply must be done if you visit Brugge/Ieper. There are various other tours which all seem to be in larger vehicles/numbers although I would seriously doubt that they will offer such extensive coverage with such a knowledgeable guide.

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Jan & Dave Thomas - Vicky & Peter Skuse / 7-3-2014 21:58:19
Our tour was 01/03/2014 the weather was cold & damp, Nathan’s knowledge was outstanding, we found the whole experience very heart wrenching, If you are visiting Bruges this tour is a must , if you start with a small knowledge of WW1 you come away with a lot more.

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Richard Moseley / 4-3-2014 18:12:14
Nathan has just dropped us back at our hotel after what can only be described as the most thorough ww1 tour imaginable.

His knowledge and description of the individual events around flanders fields, gives you a real sense of how they unfolded between 1918 & 1914

He took us to places and showed us excavated artefacts that really shows you the sacrifices made my the soldiers of the great war

I would highly recommend this more personal tour, and will be advising my friends and family to enjoy it also

Thanks Nathan

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James White / 3-3-2014 22:45:41
Nathan was an excellent guide, with a far-reaching knowledge of both the local battlefields, and the wider historical context of the First World War.

Having researched my Great-Grandfather’s service in the Gloucestershire Regiment (which, unlike so many others, he survived), it was a unique and sobering experience to tread the earth he was stationed on in 1917.

It was a very busy day, with many miles travelled, and much information to digest, and being in a small tour group made it all the better. At one point we stopped off and entered a garage where we were able to see and safely handle some of the ’iron harvest’ which the ground still gives up nearly a century later - shells, Mills bombs, twisted rifles, and shrapnel.

If you know you will be in Bruges with a day to spare, or are trying to decide which battlefield tourguide to use, I wholeheartedly recommend Nathan. I have read many books upon the First World War, from overarching histories to individual accounts, but nothing compares to walking the land, visiting the cemeteries and memorials, and seeing how the landscape is still scarred by the ravages of war.

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